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    Donated Aug 11, 2014, 4:08:03 PM
So I was browsing the Villains Wiki and came across the page for Deidara. I skimmed through it, and... apparently Naruto has a chibi spinoff anime called Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals? How come I've never heard of this? IT'S ADORABLE.

Now I know what I'm gonna spend probably the entire weekend doing... should I? I mean, I'm already in the middle of Lucky Star, waiting for the next season of Littlest Pet Shop to release on Netflix, and looking for other Hamtaro episodes. Starting a new series probably isn't the best idea, but it's just too cute!

Also lately I've been having depressing thoughts about my cat. I've had her for so long, she's getting old, and mom isn't willing to get her a checkup. (She's been scratching her ear constantly and I really wanna make sure she doesn't have an infection.) I don't want her to go...

But I best not end this journal on a sad note.

So here's an asshole. :iconkururuplz:

One last thing... does anyone know if there's anywhere I can get a box set for Hackslash? I'd like to start reading the series but there are a lot of books and they're really pricey.


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