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:bulletred: Not started
:bulletgreen: Working on it

:bulletred: Queen Salmon in her racing outfit
:bulletred: King Candy in salmon frilly underwear, Prussia in a salmon fish costume, and France as a merman for one of my school friends
:bulletred: Pixel Turbo
:bulletred: The other characters from Trixietime
:bulletred: Kitten Cybug fanart for ColorfulCandie
:bulletred: Human Sour Bill, my version
:bulletred: King Cybrid, my version
:bulletred: Shift and Drift, my version of the Turbo Twins
:bulletred: Tamora Germany Calhoun
:bulletred: Vati Von Schweets
:bulletred: Foghorn Leghorn diapered request for I FORGOT WHO UUUGH (But I'll still do it because cuteness!)
:bulletred: Jawroro and Culala, and Jawroro in King Candy's outfit licking a lollipop for nuii700
:bulletred: King Candy as Godzilla
:bulletred: KingCandyFanJoint icon
:bulletred: Fanart of Atlanta for Atlanta-Hammy
:bulletred: King Candy presidential poster
:bulletred: My pony OC's, Sugar Rush, Rainblast, Crimson Fury, Haywire, Ghost Whisperer, Potty Mouth, and Glo
:bulletred: My Sugar Rush OC's, Cotton Mandy, Poppy Lolito, Tutiefruity Sugarplum, Johnny Rancher, Mike and Ike, Kit and Kat, Marcy Pan, Kokocat Batterchip, Jeepers Peepers, and Jack Frosting
:bulletred: My descent into insanity
:bulletred: Sombwa
:bulletred: Napoleanna the unicandycorn
:bulletred: Designer villains King Candy
:bulletred: Chubby!Jack rule 34
:bulletred: Secret Santa and Tobuscus X Reader fanfic for kronos-kirbi
:bulletred: King Candy and me in a snowglobe
:bulletred: Scene queen
:bulletred: King Candy taking a selfie
:bulletred: Inside a pokeball
:bulletred: Gnomie the Hedgehog
:bulletred: Don't Hug me I'm Scared ginjinkas
:bulletred: Dragon Pikachu
:bulletgreen: Roary and the Perry bros for Starrceline
:bulletred: King Candy god tier
:bulletred: Toshiaki with hamster cheeks for AskToshiaki
:bulletred: Sally trying to make Nassor smile and Twisted Creepers Gnomie for MaryOReilly
:bulletred: Survey Corps expectation Vs reality
:bulletred: My RotG OC, Bastet

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Lily lay on the living room couch wrapped in a dirty blue blanket with the TV on and a cup of chocolate milk on the table in front of her. It was monday, so both her parents were working today, and she was home alone with only her cat to keep her company. "Ugh, there's nothing good on..." She was about to change the channel yet again when she heard a knock on her door. She dragged herself to the front door, sniveling, and opened it to see you there. "Come on in..."


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Doctor Stiffy
Artist | Student | Varied
Hi, I'm Doctor Stiffy. owo
I'm shy at first, so you gotta talk to me before I talk to you. xD
I love cats, frogs, raccoons, chipmunks, anacondas, komodo dragons, peacocks, and any wild canines. Also penguins. Penguins are super badass. And any albino animals. eue Screw it, I love all animals.

I'm a Lemongrab fangirl also. I love weird characters.
Aaaand, I have an extremely unhealthy and creepy obsession with King Candy. I wub him. ;u; So so much. (Also beware, I'm an extreme Vanellope hater.)

Oh, also, I write emo journals a lot. No, I'm NOT being an attention whore when I write those. If I complain that I'm ugly, or a bad artist, it does't mean I want your pity. I fact, I'd rather you either be honest, or not comment at all. I can't stand it when people lie just to make me feel better. Heck, I'd like to disable comments on journals like that.

And I hate when people lie. Don't lie to me. Ever.

Oh, one more thing: GO TO SLEEP. :icongotosleepplz:

I love these icons.:iconromanomoostacheplz::icongermanyfacepalmplz::iconomgzoomplz::iconoppaplz::iconbensonrageplz::icondeyedplz::iconblushthanksplz::iconpoutypoutplz::iconepicstareplz::iconsadadamplz::iconsmileloveplz::iconamgimcryingplz::iconenglandsexydanceplz::iconbartenderplz::iconbunnychanplz::icondawwface::iconblushjeffplz::iconpout-plz::iconhnngplz::icongundamstyleplz::iconiggydance::iconlalalalajeffplz::iconshockedplz::iconheartrollplz::iconchuwyplz::iconsupercuteplz::iconpuppyyayplz::iconbwahplz::iconhuehueplz::iconheavysighplz:

My plz accounts: :iconhowardsternplz::iconnassorgonnasneezeplz:

All my roleplay accounts so far: :iconwdisneyrp-kingcandy::iconjackiejellystalk::iconaskturbotoshi::iconxb0bx::iconaskchubbykingcandy::iconaskhumansourbill::icontrixie-time::iconaskfuzzykingcandy::iconnicelander-gene::iconqueensalmon::iconwdisneyrp-swizzle::iconanycarrp-delightfulc::iconrplemongrab:

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Disney's had a canonically undeniable gay character before y'know ewe

Hugo, from the hunchback of notre dame, lol.
TheQueenOfSugarRush 22 hours ago  Student General Artist
I don't remember him...
he was one of the gargoyles who had a massive crush... on a goat... which was a guy xD
TheQueenOfSugarRush 15 hours ago  Student General Artist
:shrug: I never noticed any homosexual references.
(1 Reply)
Robo10ND2 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Robo 10 & Bookbag: *sad sounding* hey
TheQueenOfSugarRush 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Hey... why so glum?
Robo10ND2 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Robo 10: As you know, our creator's graduating next year, and he's happy about it.
Bookbag: But that means he has to leave you behind and he's kinda upset about it. 
TheQueenOfSugarRush 1 day ago  Student General Artist
I'll still be here... *Hugs*
(1 Reply)
marinuk-pencilpower 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fav!! :D
Robo10ND2 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are you in chat or did you leave the chat room?
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