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:bulletred: Queen Salmon in her racing outfit
:bulletred: King Candy in salmon frilly underwear, Prussia in a salmon fish costume, and France as a merman for one of my school friends
:bulletred: Pixel Turbo
:bulletred: The other characters from Trixietime
:bulletred: Kitten Cybug fanart for ColorfulCandie
:bulletred: Human Sour Bill, my version
:bulletred: King Cybrid, my version
:bulletred: Shift and Drift, my version of the Turbo Twins
:bulletred: Tamora Germany Calhoun
:bulletred: Vati Von Schweets
:bulletred: Foghorn Leghorn diapered request for I FORGOT WHO UUUGH (But I'll still do it because cuteness!)
:bulletred: Jawroro and Culala, and Jawroro in King Candy's outfit licking a lollipop for nuii700
:bulletred: King Candy as Godzilla
:bulletred: KingCandyFanJoint icon
:bulletred: Fanart of Atlanta for Atlanta-Hammy
:bulletred: King Candy presidential poster
:bulletred: My pony OC's, Sugar Rush, Rainblast, Crimson Fury, Haywire, Ghost Whisperer, Potty Mouth, and Glo
:bulletred: My Sugar Rush OC's, Kittybutt Sweatpea, Cotton Mandy, Max Nayn, Poppy Lolito, Tutiefruity Sugarplum, Johnny Rancher, Mike and Ike, Kit and Kat, Marcy Pan, and Jack Frosting
:bulletred: My descent into insanity
:bulletred: Sombwa
:bulletred: Napoleanna the unicandycorn
:bulletred: Designer villains King Candy
:bulletred: Chubby!Jack rule 34
:bulletred: Secret Santa and Tobuscus X Reader fanfic for kronos-kirbi
:bulletred: King Candy and me in a snowglobe
:bulletred: Scene queen
:bulletred: King Candy taking a selfie
:bulletred: Inside a pokeball
:bulletred: Gnomie the Hedgehog
:bulletred: Don't Hug me I'm Scared ginjinkas
:bulletred: Dragon Pikachu
:bulletgreen: Roary and the Perry bros for Starrceline
:bulletred: King Candy god tier
:bulletred: Toshiaki with hamster cheeks for AskToshiaki
:bulletred: Cheese Sandwich gone "Pinkamena"

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About a month ago, my light switch cap fell off and I lost it. I've had that thing for my entire life, so of course I was kind of upset.

Just a few days ago, I was pacing around my room and I stepped on something. My light switch cap! I put it back on my switch, but not before giving it a kiss and doing a celebration dance. (Yes, I already know I'm weird.)

Finally reunited with my baby...

Until about fifteen minutes ago, I turned on my light, AND IT BROKE. >:U

I am a ball of cry.


TheQueenOfSugarRush's Profile Picture
Doctor Stiffy
Artist | Student | Varied
Hi, I'm Doctor Stiffy. owo
I'm shy at first, so you gotta talk to me before I talk to you. xD
I love cats, frogs, raccoons, chipmunks, anacondas, komodo dragons, peacocks, and any wild canines. Also penguins. Penguins are super badass. And any albino animals. eue Screw it, I love all animals.

I'm a Lemongrab fangirl also. I love weird characters.
Aaaand, I have an extremely unhealthy and creepy obsession with King Candy. I wub him. ;u; So so much. (Also beware, I'm an extreme Vanellope hater.)

Oh, also, I write emo journals a lot. No, I'm NOT being an attention whore when I write those. If I complain that I'm ugly, or a bad artist, it does't mean I want your pity. I fact, I'd rather you either be honest, or not comment at all. I can't stand it when people lie just to make me feel better. Heck, I'd like to disable comments on journals like that.

And I hate when people lie. Don't lie to me. Ever.

Oh, one more thing: GO TO SLEEP. :icongotosleepplz:

I love these icons.:iconromanomoostacheplz::icongermanyfacepalmplz::iconomgzoomplz::iconoppaplz::iconbensonrageplz::icondeyedplz::iconblushthanksplz::iconpoutypoutplz::iconepicstareplz::iconsadadamplz::iconsmileloveplz::iconamgimcryingplz::iconenglandsexydanceplz::iconbartenderplz::iconbunnychanplz::icondawwface::iconblushjeffplz::iconpout-plz::iconhnngplz::icongundamstyleplz::iconiggydance::iconlalalalajeffplz::iconshockedplz::iconheartrollplz::iconchuwyplz::iconsupercuteplz::iconpuppyyayplz::iconbwahplz::iconhuehueplz::iconheavysighplz:

My plz account: :iconhowardsternplz:

All my roleplay accounts so far: :iconwdisneyrp-kingcandy::iconjackiejellystalk::iconaskturbotoshi::iconxb0bx::iconaskchubbykingcandy::iconaskhumansourbill::icontrixie-time::iconaskfuzzykingcandy::iconnicelander-gene::iconqueensalmon::iconwdisneyrp-swizzle::iconanycarrp-delightfulc::iconrplemongrab:

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I love your Tobi avatar. <3
TheQueenOfSugarRush 7 hours ago  Student General Artist
x3 thanks
You're welcome. :) He's my favorite. 
TheQueenOfSugarRush 2 hours ago  Student General Artist
Mine too. >w<
(1 Reply)
Robo10ND2 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*knocking on the door*
TheQueenOfSugarRush 23 hours ago  Student General Artist
Huh? Hey there...
Robo10ND2 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Me, Robo 10, ND, Bookbag, Orb: We're bored. 
TheQueenOfSugarRush 22 hours ago  Student General Artist
No TV?
(1 Reply)
Vampgurl449 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Heya Lily! ^^

I'm keeping note of make-up requests until my face clears up and if you have any requests on make-up looks you'd like to see or try for yourself at home, please post your request in my latest journal
TheQueenOfSugarRush 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Alright, got it! ^^
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